Military Tidbits

A simple app to teach the military alphabet and the military time with sound. Good for anyone who wants to learn not only the military alphabet and time, but also how to pronounce them. Display and say what each letter represent when pressed. Display and say what each... read more

Pumpkin Prize

Just in time for Halloween, a pumpkin game for the young and even older. Find the prizes inside the right pumpkin, try to find all ten. First, try to get 5 smiley pumpkin to enter the “Prize Vault”. Then you will have a chance to win one of the 10 prizes,... read more

Push & Shove Reloaded

How fast can you get 4 blocks to the goal? Complete 42 challenging levels to play an additional 5 bonus levels. Each level requires a minimum time ( 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 ) to totally complete that level and achieve 4 checks.Features: * 2 Chest, each with 21 levels 1... read more

Find The Green

Half the tiles are Red the other half are Green – Find the all green tiles and avoid the red tiles. Try to complete each level with the lease amount of tries. Get it now for iPad     Public Bank Car Loan Crisis Loans Payday Sites Ocwen Loan Services Cash Loan... read more

In Other Words HD

Find another word inside the given word. Complete the total words on each level to unlock the next level. You will have 25 seconds to solve each word. You can skip a word, but it will cost you a word. Complete all the levels to unlock the advance level. The advance... read more

Times Tables For Kids

A very kid friendly and easy way to learn the multiplication tables. The basic tables cover the stand table, while the advance tables goes up to 20 times. A new drill level “Challenge” has been added. The answers are given and your little one just have to... read more

Toppers HD

Simply land the balls on top of the pedestal with out making them fall to clear the stage, which will unlock the next stage. Complete the game with the least amount of tries or you will loose each stars. Get it now for iPad     Corporate Loan Calculator Federal Direct... read more

Reading The Ruler

A kid friendly and easy way to learn how to read the Inches and Metric rulers. Get it now for the iPad Home Equity Loan Interest Car Loan Loan Calculator Payday Loans Memphis Tn Va Home Loans Interest Rate Government Business Grants Loans What Are Interest Rates On... read more


Popping balloons have not been this much fun! 4 fun challenging gameplay. “Popper’s Arcade” You have 60 seconds to shoot as many balloons as you can, and get an extra 30 seconds at every 2500. Avoid shooting the red balloon & the mystery balloon... read more