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Luck Ball

Lucky Ball

Lucky Ball is a fantasy lotto game.You pick 5 numbers and hope the computer randomly picked numbers that matches yours. If the computer matches 1 to 4 numbers you win.
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Find The Green

This is a basic memory game to exercise your brain.  Find the all green tiles and avoid the red tiles.  Half the tiles are Red the other half are Green.
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Push & Shove Reloaded

Complete 42 challenging levels to play an additional 5 bonus levels. Each level requires a minimum time ( 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 ) to totally complete that level and achieve 4 checks.
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Kids Time Table

A very kid friendly and easy way to learn the multiplication tables. The basic tables cover the stand table, while the advance tables goes up to 20 times.
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Reading The Ruler

A kid friendly and easy way to learn how to read the Inches and Metric rulers.
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Save For It

With this app you can find out how much you would have to have, per day, per week, per month or per year to get what you want without financing it.
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My Life Clock

My Life Clock was made for all those who would like to know how long they have been living. Find out how long from decades all the way down to the last seconds. With one touch, you can see how long before your next birthday.
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Popping balloons have not been this much fun!  Choose from 3 different game plays: “Popper’s Arcade”  “Level Up” “Popper Dodger”

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Simply land the balls on top of the pedestal with out making them fall to clear the stage, which will unlock the next stage. Complete the game with the least amount of tries or you will loose each stars.
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In Other Words

Find another word inside the given word.
Complete the total words on each level to unlock the next level. .
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Pumpkin Prize

A pumpkin game for the young and even older.
Pick the right combination to win a prize. Collect all 10 prizes!
That’s It!
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Mirror Words

Mirror Words is a brain twister word game!
Each word appears backward.
Your job is to figure out what the word is and spell it out the correct way.
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